ISO Certification

KKQ reserves ISO certification on the basis of a cumulative technology
and products of KKQ which meeting international standards are exported
to Korea semiconductor industry and United States, Japan, and all over Southeast Asia.

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1998. ISO 9002 Certification
2000. ISO 14001 Certification
2001. ISO 9001:2000 VERSION Certification
2004. ISO 14001:2004 VERSION Certification
2017. ISO 9001:2015 VERSION Certification
2017. ISO 14001:2015 VERSION Certification

Hitachi Kokusai Certification

HKE provides Domestic and International semiconductor industry with 12 inch products
through HKE certification and TEL

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2001. HKE Certification
2007. HKE "A" RANK Certification
2007. TEL 8", 12" Certification
2011. TEL SHP Certification
2013. HKE "S" RANK Certification